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Solo Campaigns

There are two campaign modes:

Domination victory. Play as the Overlord and attempt to take over the entire continent. 

Mode Overview:

  • You will choose any Capital you wish or randomly select a Capital with the exception of Novus City, which will be the opposing HQ. 
  • The Objective is to take over every Region Capital by the end of 10 rounds. (with 2 Extensions)
  • Resources and Population are not relevant to the score; it is not necessary to place Resources on map but the card can still be moved by resource movements, Population will still cause new draws during the game.

Build a standard deck to play with, organizing the Horde characters that will join your side. May play with the entire Thornraver deck for a challenging and interesting story.

Control Victory. Play as the upstart Factions from Novus City who have defeated the Overlord but must cleanse the continent of his minions before they have a chance to reorganize. 

Mode Overview:

  • You will start with Andrastea Expanse region and Novus City as your HQ, with a random Region as the opposing HQ.
  • The player uses the normal method of scoring.
  • Build a standard deck to play with, organizing the Horde characters that will join your side. 
  • Opposing side starts with 1 of each resource, then randomly take the + tokens and assign 1 to each resource.
  • No round extensions.
Campaign (solo) Rules and Setup
  • Now that each side has its HQ, randomly take 6 of the remaining capitals, place 3 in the opposing Recruits row and 3 in opposing Loyalists row. Place the last 2 in the Regions of Solus deck.
  • Shuffle the Region of Solus deck. Draw and place 7 Region cards into each of the opposing rows. Move any of the 21 cards up to their matching Capital except HQ cards in Allies, Leaders in Allies don’t move, if in Recruits or Loyalists and in the same row as their Capital they will move up. Place any resources into their respective region (if necessary to final score). If any of the 3 rows have less than 3 cards, draw cards until each row has 3 cards in them. These “filler” cards do not move up.
  • Place the last 2 Capitals in the Region of Solus deck and reshuffle. 
  • Draw 2 cards into the Afterlife. 1 for the player and 1 for the opposing side then draw 2 more cards into Afterlife, the high card chooses who plays first. If the opposing side wins the flip they go first, otherwise the player may choose after drawing 6 cards into the Neutral area and drawing 3 thornraver cards into their hand.
  • During the “opponent’s” turn, first the HQ Influence will take the farthest highest matching region card +2, if the highest card can only move +1 the next highest card will also move +1. If values are tied for highest and in the same row, randomly take 1 of them and move.
    • Next, Draw 1 card into each of the Overlord’s rows, if a Capital or a District is drawn into their Allies that they do not control the matching Capital that District will be placed in the Neutral area and draw a new card. The Overlord does not get resource moves from districts.
    • Lastly, is Reinforcements, start with the highest card in Recruits or Loyalists row that can be moved up to its matching capital that is not in the same row and swap it with a random card from the other row. Then move up the remaining highest card in each row that is matching in a row, all matching cards in Allies can move. No HQ cards move up, they stay in Allies for Replacement value cards.
    • Finally, end the Overlord’s turn by drawing a card to the Neutral area.
  • The player’s turn will be played as normal.
  • During the Battle phase, shuffle the Overlord’s cards together that are participating in the battle, don’t include Districts with a value of 7 or lower unless it is required for the minimum card count. Randomly deal 5 (or 6 if they have more matching capital cards in row) and place face down in a line. Shuffle the player’s cards together and randomly draw 5 (or 6 if the player has more matching cards in row) cards for the player’s battle hand. As the attacker, the player will place the first card, then flip over 1 of the Overlord’s cards. If the Overlord wins or ties, they will play the next card first then the player will respond with a card and if the player wins or ties they will play the next card first. Continue until all cards have been played (retreat?).
    • If the Overlord has the extra card he can replace it with a card in battle if it wins or ties. If it does not, can the Capital power win this card with the extra card? If that does not, see if the HQ replacement value can win, take the lowest value that can win (with capital power?), if not don’t play any of these. If the opponent draws on a card do not use these powers unless it is required for them to win the battle.
    • Leaders in Allies stay in Allies and don’t Reinforce and are not used as Replacement values during battles.
    • Draw or move card capital powers, if there is not a matching card higher than 6 do the random. Freeze, if they have a negative value freeze that, if not freeze your highest card. Swap, select their lowest three cards in the row, randomly take 1 and don’t put it in the shuffle. Reshuffle, select their 5 lowest cards in the row, randomly take 3 of them and don’t put them in the shuffle.
  • HQ battle rules for Domination Battle
    • You can challenge the Domination battle on the same turn you take their last Capital.