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Horde It All

Try and collect as many Mythic (4 sided connections) as possible.

Players: 1 / Solo

Scoring: Each Mythic card collected is worth a point. This includes the 1 Overlord and your 1 additional Cog.

  1. Place 1 Overlord card in the middle of a large play area
  2. Shuffle 1 entire Thornraver deck
  3. Deal yourself 4 cards from the deck
  4. Place 1 card on your Overlord, disregard all effects on all the cards. Your only focus is making the Light connections and trying to form a four sided connection (light or dark) for a Mythic card to be placed.
  5. Keep placing your Thornraver cards down to the play area, drawing 1 card each time you place one.
  6. Once you form a four sided opening, choose any Mythic card (or a placeholder card, see below) and place it in the space. 
  7. Each time you achieve the Mythic placement, you are entitled to move 1 card in the play area to a new (viable) location. You may NOT move any of the cards connected to the Mythic card you placed during this turn. You may NOT move any Mythic card at any point in the game. 
  8. If you connect 4 cards to your Overlord (the original one, not one that may be used as a Mythic later), you are entitled to an extra Horde card in your hand. Draw 1 additional card and from this point you may have 5 cards in your hand.
  9. Continue playing this way until the deck has been completely used (unless you have no more placements available).
  1. The first objective is to play all the cards in the Thornraver deck. If you reach a point that you can no longer play, you lose the game. 
  2. If you have played all the Thornraver cards, you then count all the Mythics that were played during the game. 
    1. If you reach 10 Mythics, you have won an “easy level” victory
    2. If you reach 12 Mythics, you have won an “epic level” victory
    3. If you reach 14 Mythics, you have won a “legendary level” victory
    4. If you surpass 16 Mythics, you are absolutely a true master at Horde It All.
  • You will likely not have enough Mythic cards to place on the table. We suggest using Region of Solus cards and turning them over so their art side is not showing. This will represent a Mythic connection. Just remember, if they are light connections, they still have the potential to have a connection if cards are moved off them later in the game. If this happens, we suggest replacing it with an actual Mythic card so the connection remains visible. 
  • There is one card in your hand that has no connections on it, it’s called “Insurgence”. This card must be played as a four sided dark connection. If you are stuck with this card by the game’s end, you lose. It does count towards your mythic score.
  • You will have 1 Cog that will play much like the original game and you can play it at any point you wish. 
  • Cannot move card that breaks another cards’ connection to the Horde; i.e. if a card has only 1 gold connection to the horde that card connecting it cannot be moved. (The same connection rules apply as in the base game.)

Use the entire Thornraver Deck

Players take turns drawing a Thornraver card into their hand and playing it on their Overlord, building your horde. The objective is to get as many Mythics into your horde as possible. 

(Suggestion) You may end up with many additional Mythic card openings. We suggest using your Freeze/Protect or Region of Solus cards and place them upside down to represent a Mythic. Just remember that the ones with light connections may still have a light connection available to play off if cards get moved.